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Die Stärke des Healthcare-Hotspots im Herzen Deutschlands zeigt sich gerade in der Coronakrise: in Mittelhessen laufen dieser Tage viele Stränge des nationalen und globalen Geschehens zusammen. Wir geben einen Überblick zu den spannendsten Projekten.

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Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger, Medical Director of the UKGM, talks about his experiences from the Corona pandemic, the importance of lung research and the potential of digitization and AI in his research.
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Marburg-based pharmaceutical company CSL Behring is conducting intensive research on a suitable active substance against Covid-19 with the use of donated blood plasma. A globally active "Plasma Alliance" established for this purpose supports the company's goals.
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Healthcare Storys
A vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 is the saving anchor for millions of people. Healthcare experts from Central Hessen have again come a step closer to this goal. Clinical trials on humans can begin.
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Scientists at Marburg University are testing photodynamic therapy - PDT for short - for its effectiveness in COVID-19 patients. PDT is already being successfully used for other diseases.
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The Data Science working group of Uni Marburg is developing a new biomedical database: CORDITE for future research and drug production.
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For more than three decades Werner Seeger has been researching sudden lung failure caused by viruses. In this interview, Seeger talks about the coronavirus situation at the UKGM, as well as promising studies and what he thinks about political decisions made during this pandemic.
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A vaccine against the respiratory disease MERS could provide a breakthrough against SARS-CoV-2: Scientists at the University of Marburg are playing a major role in the development of an effective vaccine against the coronavirus.
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Corona laboratory tests are scarce – but they are urgently needed to further reduce the number of new infections with COVID-19. One test method is a nasal and throat swab, a testing method which can reliably determine carriers of SARS-CoV-2. BAG Diagnostics has developed a new rapid test for this
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