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Durch die sinkende Anzahl an Landarztpraxen haben Menschen, die auf dem Dorf leben, immer weitere Wege zum nächsten Arzt.
As countryside doctors retire and young people increasingly move to cities, doctors are disappearing from rural areas This is also the case in Central Hessen, Germany. Here, the Commercial Director of the Lahn-Dill region Rural Doctor Network outlines new approaches they’re using secure medical professionals for rural areas.
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Viele ältere Menschen sind auf Pflegedienstleister angewiesen. Bei 1A Care finden sie den für sie passenden Dienst.
More people and families are looking for personal care services and health aids. However, the search process means they lose a lot of valuable time – which they could use instead for persons who need care. A company based in Central Hessen, Germany, wants to change this.
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Small beetles are more productive than you think: They can heal wounds or provide basic substances for the production of antibiotics. That's why scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute in Giessen, Germany, are researching how these crawling insects can be used in medicine – and how they are already successful.
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Ventilators are not always life-savers: Although sending oxygen to the lungs is fundamental during operations, the body’s movements during breathing – such as the rise and fall of the chest – can actually interfere with receiving oxygen. A new revolutionary ventilation technology from Central Hessen, Germany, is able to avert
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Eine CNC-Fräse fertigt orthopädische Einlagen – genau abgestimmt auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse jedes Kunden.
The wrong shoes can cause mispositioned feet. Using new 3D technology, orthopedist Daniel Hartmann produces insoles that provide relief for workers engaged in demanding physical labor. Renowned athletes also rely Central Hessen’s Hartmann for orthopedic high-tech and optimal sports performance.
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Erhöhter Blutdruck im Lungenkreislauf ist eine der charakteristischen Auswirkungen von Lungenhochdruck.
Patients with pulmonary hypertension live with constant shortness of breath. Currently, this disease is not curable; patient symptoms can only be alleviated. But a team of researchers in Giessen, Germany, examined Fucoidan, a brown algae extract, for pulmonary hypertension treatment, and they have come to promising results.
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Corona News

Innovationen gegen Corona

Die Stärke des Healthcare-Hotspots im Herzen Deutschlands zeigt sich gerade in der Coronakrise: in Mittelhessen laufen dieser Tage viele Stränge des nationalen und globalen Geschehens zusammen. Wir geben einen Überblick zu den spannendsten Projekten.

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