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Digitalization is changing the healthcare system: E-Health combines the latest IT technologies with medicine. The aim is to offer modern, patient-friendly care.
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Early detection of cancer can save lives. Laser microdissection enables specific cell examinations and precise cancer research.
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Researchers in Central Hessen, Germany, are taking up the fight against Antibiotic resistance, including a search for new ways to combat infectious diseases.
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Gefriertrocknung HOF Beitrag
Vaccines, antibiotics, hormones and proteins travel a long way from production to patient. Medicines that are well packaged by freeze drying, retain their full effectiveness.
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Druid Center Uni Gießen
More and more people are affected by neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). As a result, many countries now recognize the importance of fighting NTDs. The German’s federal state Hessen is also making its contribution. Find out how NTDs are fought in the LOEWE Centre DRUID.
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Studium 4.0: Medizinwirtschaft trifft Digitalisierung
Young people are desperately sought after in medicine and nursing: Germany’s Central Hessen region offers promising, future-oriented career opportunities in the healthcare sector. But what role does digitalization play in this?
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Corona News

Innovationen gegen Corona

Die Stärke des Healthcare-Hotspots im Herzen Deutschlands zeigt sich gerade in der Coronakrise: in Mittelhessen laufen dieser Tage viele Stränge des nationalen und globalen Geschehens zusammen. Wir geben einen Überblick zu den spannendsten Projekten.

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The Gießen-based company Munditia Technologies GmbH has developed an antiviral and antibacterial surface coating with long-term effect that kills SARS-CoV-2 viruses. This development could be a worldwide breakthrough for hygiene measures against the corona pandemic.
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Rapid diagnosis of infected persons is extremely important for containing the Covid 19 pandemic. Once an infection is detected, isolation measures can begin immediately. Marburg’s NanoRepro AG is making its contribution to the fight against corona, now with a rapid test for home use.
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