About us

Education, research, business: Intensive networking between the health and medical sectors makes the Central Hessen location unique in Germany.

In Central Hessen, scientific institutions such as the German Center for Lung Research, the Kerckhoff Clinic and the Giessen-Marburg LOEWE Centre conduct cutting-edge research. At the same time, internationally renowned healthcare and life science companies in our region develop and produce essential medical products and medicines.

What unites these institutions is medical know-how at the highest level. So to bundle this profile and make it known far beyond Central Hessen, the Regional Management Mittelhessen has launched the “Healthcare Central Hessen” portal. On this multimedia weblog, we tell the medical success stories in our region. Specialists from the Central Hessen health sector offer exciting insights into their work. In this way, the platform also mirrors the combination of science and practice that we provide in central Hessen.

Our core goals: inform, network, market. We want to link healthcare even more strongly with the Central Hessen (“Mittelhessen”) brand, and to convince new investors, specialists and cooperation partners of the medical industry competence and success that Central Hessen has to offer.

The project is supported and steered by public partners and private companies. These currently include the economic development departments of the cities of Giessen, Marburg and Wetzlar, the districts of Lahn-Dill and Marburg-Biedenkopf as well as Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH (HTAI). The editorial partner is the content marketing agency transQUER from Giessen with many years of expertise in the fields of healthcare, life sciences and technology.

Education, research and business – in Central Hessen we aim to strengthen the ties between these fields. This makes us resilient and successful, as the past has shown time and again. We follow the lead of Emil von Behring: As the first biotech founder graduating from the university, he set up a pharmaceutical production facility in Marburg and introduced diphtheria vaccines to the market, which saved the lives of many people at the time. He was a successful entrepreneur, physician and researcher – and his work represents how research develops into commercial products. This is the DNA that inspires Healthcare Mittelhessen today.

We are Healthcare Mittelhessen!