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Die Stärke des Healthcare-Hotspots im Herzen Deutschlands zeigt sich gerade in der Coronakrise: in Mittelhessen laufen dieser Tage viele Stränge des nationalen und globalen Geschehens zusammen. Wir geben einen Überblick zu den spannendsten Projekten.

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In the search for medicines to treat COVID-19, lung researchers from Giessen are testing an existing active ingredient that has already been proven to prevent lung damage.
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Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger, Medical Director of the UKGM, talks about his experiences from the Corona pandemic, the importance of lung research and the potential of digitization and AI in his research.
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Healthcare Storys
Prof. Dr. Harald Renz is medical director of the University Hospital Marburg. As a laboratory physician, he knows exactly how important individualized clinical diagnostics are.
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Prof. Dr. Ralph Schermuly vom Deutschen Zentrum für Lungenforschung am Fachbereich Medizin der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
Prof. Dr. Ralph Schermuly is an expert in the field of experimental pathophysiology and pulmonary hypertension. Since 2011 he and his team have been conducting research on causes and disease mechanisms to better understand pulmonary hypertension.
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At the Center for Unknown and Rare Diseases (ZusE) at Marburg University Hospital, patients find help from Prof. Juergen Schaefer.
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DFG President Prof. Dr. Katja Becker has dedicated her life as a researcher to one goal in particular: to develop new drugs and diagnostics against poverty-associated and neglected infectious diseases.
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Millions of people with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD are among the most vulnerable to the corona pandemic. The best protection is offered by an optimally adjusted therapy of the inflamed lung areas - and this could receive an innovative boost through Nasal Long-Term Inhalation therapy (NLI
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A good idea is the first step in setting up a business. But it is only one aspect that leads to corporate success. In an interview, Jens Fuerbeth from Volksbank Mittelhessen explains what makes good financial advice for healthcare start-ups.
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