Trend report: Focus on cardiovascular research

Scientists around the globe are currently conducting research on cardiac insufficiency, infarcts, pulmonary hypertension or atherosclerosis. Their goal is to gain a better understanding of the development of cardiovascular diseases at the molecular level.

Trend Report: Pushing digital medicine

Digital devices have the possibility to optimize healthcare, with efficiency and accuracy never before possible. Innovators from the Technical University of Middle Hessen (THM) and the region are already at the center of digital healthcare.

VR-Technik wird immer öfter im Gesundheitssektor eingesetzt. Um die Technology zu nutzen benötigt man eine VR-Brille.

Trend Report Virtual Reality: Digital Training for Real Medicine

Virtual reality has long been established in the gaming scene. Today this technology is now also revolutionizing physician training. Doctors are learning new treatment techniques on virtual patients, preparing for surgical procedures – from dental surgery to organ transplants.

Immer mehr Daten über unsere Gesundheit werden digital gesammelt.

Trend Report Big Data: How digitalization is changing medicine

Blood values, medication plans or brain scans – every day millions of pieces of patient information arrive in the computers of medical practices and clinics. Digitalization has led to massive amounts of medical data – but who receives the data, and how do researchers and hospitals process it?