Cancer: Innovations in the Fight Against Tumors

Cancer can strike anyone. And with hundreds of different clinical situations, every tumor varies. This is part of what makes diagnosis and therapy of cancer so difficult. But researchers today understand much better how tumors develop. They are trying to gain detailed insights into the biology of cancer cells using new methods. While there has been great progress in recent years, the treatment of some types of tumors still remains a major challenge. From early detection to targeted therapy with ion beams, researchers and physicians are working together with industry to further develop innovative methods in this fight.

Early detection can save lives with cancer. Laser microdissection enables targeted cell examinations and precise cancer research. Experts at MicroDissect GmbH develop innovative membrane-supported usable supplies for this purpose.

Research is continuously expanding the arsenal in the fight against the disease: In addition to surgery, radiotherapy and classic chemotherapy, targeted and individually tailored drugs are increasingly being used. These “targeted therapies” can pave the way for personalized medicine.

With the right therapy, many cancer patients have a high chance of being cured. Since 2015, the Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center (MIT) has been offering cancer patients a gentle alternative therapy to conventional radiation therapy (X-rays): particle therapy. Thanks to it, the doctors there achieve sensational success.


Micro Dissect

Laser microdissection: Better research for cancer

Early detection of cancer can save lives. Laser microdissection enables specific cell examinations and precise cancer research. Experts from MicroDissect GmbH are developing innovative membrane-supported consumables for this purpose – a guarantee for samples with high purity and reliable analysis results, and thus an important basis for molecular biology.

Trend Report: The Future of Cancer Treatment

There is not just one type of cancer, of course – every tumor is different. For this reason, researchers are continuously developing new treatments in the fight against this disease: In addition to traditional radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery, targeted and patient-tailored drugs expand the arsenal of therapeutic options. These “targeted therapies” interfere with specific molecules on cancer cells, paving the way to personalized medical approaches.

Partikeltherapie im Marburger-Ionenstrahl-Therapiezentrum (MIT)

Fighting cancer gently thanks to particle therapy

18.1 million new cases: That was a recent WHO International estimate for the Global Cancer Burden. In Germany, alone, experts estimate there will be 500,000 this year. However, with the right therapy, many of these cancer patients have a strong chance to recover. New treatment options are part of this survival story. As one example, since 2015, the Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center (MIT) has been offering tumor patients a gentle alternative to conventional radiation (x-ray) therapy: this newer approach is known as particle therapy. Thanks to particle therapy, the doctors at the MIT are achieving sensational success with their patients – as was the case with Harald Thamm.