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Industrial nations are aging – and more people need nursing services and resources. But whether it’s a lift, walker or nursing bed, quality and service are decisive factors before a purchase. 1ACare – a start-up from Giessen – was founded to ensure just that. By providing an intelligent marketplace solution, this young company helps arrange the placement of care aids and services efficiently and transparently.

Viele ältere Menschen sind auf Pflegedienstleister angewiesen. Bei 1A Care finden sie den für sie passenden Dienst.
Many elderly people are dependent on care providers. At 1A Care they can find the right service for them. (Credits: Halfpoint / shutterstock.com)

The elderly are the majority – worldwide: for the first time in history, there are more people over the age of 65 than under the age of five. According to an analysis by Torsten Sløk of Deutsche Bank, this ratio will become two-to-one over the next two decades. As people get older, the need for long-term care increases. But the search for optimal care and necessary living aids often proves difficult and time-consuming. Prof. Dr. Martin Przewloka, Professor for Technologies and Modern Business Informatics at the TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences (THM), recognized this problem. In order to solve it, he founded the start-up 1ACare.

Care with heart

1ACare has developed a distribution platform that connects medical supply stores and their customers digitally. “Even if society is aging, the internet is the most frequented method for searching new products,” says Holger Kloetzner, COO at 1ACare. The 1ACare marketplace offers all sorts of products related to care. There, 1ACare places doctors’ prescriptions with the medical supply stores. In addition, customers are able to order products from the respective medical supply stores via 1ACare. The system benefits customers and suppliers alike. “Medical supply stores can offer their supply options on our portal and receive access to an online sales channel and – above all – visibility. Large and small providers are displayed quickly, transparently and neutrally to customers, who can form their own opinions,” says Kloetzner.

1A Care bietet ein neutrales und transparentes Portal für Pflegehilfsmittel und Pflegedienstleistungen.
1A Care provides a transparent and neutral website for care services and goods.

Nursing providers also have the possibility to offer their services. Outpatient or inpatient nursing services can be quickly and transparently identified by entering the postcode. Information like contact data, ratings and the capacities of the service providers are also made accessible. This option enables senior citizens to find a provider with services tailored to their needs and helps care providers to establish direct contact with the customer via the digital route. A particularly useful feature for nursing services is the ability to indicate their capacity. “Many care services do not lack customers. On the contrary, the problem is that they have more requests than they can handle. Our portal offers a transparent presentation, so it increases efficiency for searchers and providers,” says Kloetzner.

"Their relatives would rather invest the time they spend looking for care products and services doing what is really important - caring for their relatives. We help them to do that."
Holger Kloetzner
COO at 1ACare

Everyday aids of the future

Although the care portal already offers a wide range of services, 1ACare plans to expand on it. In the future, providers of home-delivered food  – a service known as “meals on wheels” – will be offered. More services are also planned, ranging from physical therapists, speech therapists, art therapists and even handymen will be included into the service.

Company profile

1ACare GmbH - Das Pflegeportal

1ACare GmbH is a digital provider of care services and aids. The company was founded in October 2017 and increases the reach and market access of medical supply stores, industrial partners in the auxiliary materials sector, service providers and care facilities.

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