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Education, research, economy: The intensive networking in the health sector and medicine makes the location Central Hessen special throughout Germany. We want to link this networking in the healthcare sector even more closely with the Mittelhessen brand in order to convince new investors, specialists and cooperation partners of the successful medical industry location of Mittelhessen.

The University of Marburg has the largest department for Pharmacy in Germany.

With turnover of four billion euros and export ratio of over 90 percent, Hessen is one of the supporting pillars of the German medical technology industry.

Around 150 Central Hessian companies are specialized in the field of pharma and medical technology.

With around 9,600 employees the Universitätsklinikum Gießen/Marburg (UKGM) is the largest medium-sized Hessian company and the third largest university hospital in Germany.

Latest Storys

Corona numbers continue to rise. The UKGM Giessen does not lack beds; it lacks staff. Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger speaks about the future of medicine in the UKGM.
Dr. David Eckensberger is Head of International Affairs at Hessen Trade & Invest. In this interview, he tells us why Central Hessen is a strong location for companies and how businesses are managing the Corona pandemic.
Scientists are racing to get the Corona pandemic under control. Research institutes and companies from Central Hessen are making major contributions and developing new long-term research strategies.
Why is donating blood plasma so important? Plasma serves as a raw material for the production of life-saving drugs. To ensure the production of these therapeutics, plasma donors are urgently needed - especially, now, during the pandemic.
Prof. Dr. Katharina Krause has been President of the Philipps University of Marburg for almost 10 years. Here she talks about the special features of Marburg and why young researchers appreciate the city.
Multi-resistant pathogens become dangerous when they enter the body through wounds and cause infections. Researchers from the Gießen University want to get better insights in the core of these pathogens to hinder their spreading.

AI in medicine: Marburg leading the way


A pioneer in international AI research, Prof. Dr. Martin Hirsch takes the helm at Philipps University and the University Hospital in Marburg. With this newly created professorship, Marburg leads the way as a model region for AI-supported medicine.
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A world first in Lich: Asklepios Hospital implants an 'intestinal pacemaker'


It's a milestone in treating fecal incontinence: For the first time, an MRI-capable intestinal pacemaker was implanted in a patient at the Licher branch of Asklepios Hospitals. This breakthrough is great news for patients who have to undergo intestinal MRIs regularly.
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Implementation of the EU Medical Device Regulation well underway


Expected bottlenecks don't manifest: More and more medical device manufacturers are "MDR-ready". For everyone else, MedTech Europe has now published concrete recommendations.
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