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Corona News

Innovations versus Corona

The strength of the healthcare hotspot in the heart of Germany is particularly evident in the corona crisis: many strands of national and global events are converging in Central Hessen these days. We provide an overview of the most exciting projects.

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A research team from Central Hessen is testing a new strategy in the fight against corona: a substance that inhibits a cell's own enzyme and thus reduces the reproduction of different viruses.
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Medical experts already agree that coronavirus can also affect other organs such as the heart and kidneys - as well as the central nervous system. However, there is no reliable evidence for the exact pathomechanism. To clarify this, a nationwide register is currently being set up at the University of
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Latest Stories

OPTIMA pharma GmbH shows how freeze drying is used in the pharmaceutical industry.
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In medical emergencies, speed is of the essence; fast medical treatment is often the factor that determines survival. Speed is also needed also with medical information. The faster it reaches attending hospital physicians from the emergency services, the better the outcome for the patient. To achieve this, CRS medical has
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mRNA: this “new” technology has provided the fast track to a vaccine in the fight against Corona. The technology makes it possible to quickly adapt the vaccine to virus variants - and it may be groundbreaking for other applications in the pharmaceutical field.
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Digitalization is making healthcare both more efficient and better. Central Hessen's researchers and industry are pushing the future of digital healthcare.
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After 15 minutes, surfaces can become 99 percent germ-free after: Chemist Dr. Klaus Schepers explains how this occurs. Schepers is the founder of Munditech, which produces plant-based, antimicrobial coatings.
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